Stop Debt Collectors – Bankruptcy Law in the State of New York

August 6, 2012 // Slide Show

Your debts are too high and you cannot keep up with all the monthly payments. The calls from your creditors never stop and you feel overwhelmed.  Are you at a loss on how to stop calls from debt collectors and get a fresh start?

Call the Law Office of Yelena Kalika today for a free consultation to find out how you can leave your debts, annoying creditors and debt collectors in your past.  Ms. Kalika will advise you on how to communicate with your creditors and debt collectors, and if necessary, she will assist you in negotiating a settlement agreement with your creditors.

If you are struggling with making only minimum monthly payments on your present debt and do not expect your financial situation to improve in the near future, you may consider filing for bankruptcy.

Ms. Kalika will help you to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. Ms. Kalika will discuss with you the types of debt that can be wiped out in bankruptcy, such as consumer debt, and whether you are a “judgment proof” debtor. Bankruptcy can help you to start a new healthy chapter in your financial life.

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