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Advocate Bimal Sapkota started corporate legal consulting as an independent lawyer in 2059 BS and established Kalika Law Firm in 2064 BS (2007 AD). Since its establishment, the firm has been providing services in several core areas, including company incorporation, company administration, and industry licensing.

The firm’s services related to company administration include a name change, address change, objective change, capital increment, share Lagat, Shanchalk Lagat, company merger, company deregistration, and company liquidation.

In addition to these services, the firm also facilitates industry licensing. This includes licensing for Gharelu Tatha Sana Udhyog (Up to 5 crore fixed assets), Pradesh License (Up to 10 crore fixed assets), and licensing for industries with 10+ crore fixed assets by Udhyog Bibhag.

The firm also provides assistance with other types of incorporations and licensing services, such as hotel/resort registration and licensing, hospital registration and licensing, medicine udhyog registration and licensing, cement industry registration and licensing, bricks udhyog registration and licensing, casino registration and licensing, and hydropower registration and licensing.

Furthermore, the firm assists businesses with industry capital and capacity increment, addresses change, and, if necessary, helps with industry initial environment examination (IEE) and environmental impact assessment (EIA) report preparation. They also provide services related to foreign direct investment permission, company registration, industry registration and licensing, business visa for foreigners, working visas for foreigners, ward office registration and renewal, tax registration, tax filing, and tax clearance.

The firm’s industry registration and licensing services include travel/trekking agency registration and renewal, construction company registration and renewal, and small industries registration and renewal. They also provide services related to export/import licensing with Banijya Aapurti Tatha Upabhokta Samrakshan Bibhag (Department of commerce, supplies, and consumer protection), private firm registration and renewal, partnership firm registration and renewal, agency registration and renewal, company registration, trademark registration, renewal, and ownership transfer.

The firm has served a diverse range of clients, including more than 2000 companies incorporated, and 3000 companies for share transfer, capital increment, address change, name change, and objective change. They have also served 500+ schools/colleges, 100+ travel, and trekking agencies, 200+ export/import companies, 50+ large industries (50 crore+), 100+ 1 crore – 50 crore industries, 300+ 1 crore or fewer industries, 150+ construction companies, 15+ hospitals, 40+ foreign-invested companies, and 40 companies for liquidation and 60 for de-registration. Additionally, the firm has served over 100 clients with trademark-related services.

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