Non-Profits (NGO) & INGOs registration and establishment in Nepal

The Company Act, 2006, says there are three types of companies, and one is called a not-for-profit company. This type of company cannot give money to its members as profits or dividends, and it has to use its money for things that help society. At least five people need to start this type of company, but there’s no limit on how many people can be part of it. A not-for-profit company is a type of company that is established with the condition that it cannot distribute or pay any profits, dividends, or savings to its members for achieving its objectives.

A not-for-profit company cannot give profits to its members, but it can use its money to grow its services or business. The company’s income and property cannot go to its founders, members, or directors, and it must be used for the purpose of helping society.

Here are the documents you’ll need to register a not-for-profit company:

  1. Two signed copies of the memorandum of association for your proposed company
  2. Two signed copies of the article of association for your proposed company
  3. Your application for registration
  4. Notarized copies of citizenship certificates for all members
  5. A power of attorney document, which gives someone else the authority to act on behalf of the directors or founders of the company. The person giving the authority is called the principal, and the person receiving the authority is called the agent.

Our firm provides legal services for the registration of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) in Nepal. Our services include:

  • Drafting documents required for the registration of NGOs in Nepal.
  • Providing legal assistance for the registration of NGOs at the District Administration Office and other relevant government offices.
  • Assisting with the affiliation of INGOs with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) by providing necessary legal documents.
  • Registering INGOs with the Internal Revenue Department to obtain a PAN Number and coordinating for obtaining tax exemption certificates from the relevant authorities.
  • Providing regulatory compliance services related to Institution Registration Act 2034, Institution Registration Regulation 2034, and Social Welfare Act 2049 in the relevant governmental authorities.
  • Advising donor agencies on the legal perspective of the operation of INGOs in Nepal.

Please contact us for any inquiries you may have about Non-Profits (NGO) & INGOs establishment in Nepal.

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